Whisky Galore!

Whisky GaloreIntroduction

By a strange co-incidence, the SS Cabinet Minister was wrecked off Little Todday two years after the SS Politician with a similar cargo was wrecked off Eriskay, but the coincidence stops there, for the rest is pure fiction. Compton Mackenzie, 1947.

The classic Ealing comedy “Whisky Galore!” is set on the fictional Hebridean island of Todday. There is great gloom on the island due to the lack of whisky following war time rationing. However a ship runs aground with 50,000 cases of whisky on board. The islanders raid the ship and stash the whisky away before Customs and Excise can catch up with them. The whisky comes out to celebrate the double engagement of Peggy and Catriona. The islanders run circles around the Home Guard and Captain Wagget - a well intentioned but slightly pompous Englishman who cannot comprehend the ways of the locals and their love of whisky.