On location, 1949
On location, 1949

On location, 1949

On location, 1949

On location, 1949

Whisky Galore!

The Film Makers - past and present


In 1949...

Director: Alexander MacKendrick

Producer: Michael Balcon & Monja Danishewsky

Writers: Compton Mackenzie & Angus Macphail


Director Alexander MacKendrick was adamant that the film be shot in the Outer Hebrides for authenticity and so the entire movie was filmed on location on the Isle of Barra. Barra became a vast open air film studio, and the islanders opened up their homes for the film crew and cast.



In 2006...

Director: Gilles Mackinnion

Producers: Iain Maclean, Eddie Crozier, Stephen Evans, Maggie Monteith, Alastair Gourlay

Writers: Compton Mackenzie, Peter MacDougall


Ambitious producers Iain Maclean and Eddie Crozier are looking to relaunch an adaptation of the story of Whisky Galore and the Cabinet Minister. Like the original, the new production will be filmed on the Western Isles, but this time in colour. At present, the final cast has yet to be announced and filming is due to begin in 2007.

To find out more about the project, go to www.whiskygalorefilm.co.uk

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