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Compton MacKenzie

Edward Montagu Compton Mackenzie was born on 17 January 1883 in West Hartlepool, Durham, son of the actor Edward Compton. He studied at Magdalen College, Oxford, and graduated with a degree in Modern History. He then turned towards legal training for a short while before starting to write.

Mackenzie was a prolific author, writing numerous novels and poems, in addition to serving in the First World War in the Dardanelles and Greece. Mackenzie was also an enthusiastic Scottish nationalist and lived in Scotland from 1928, settling on the island of Barra in the Hebrides. He helped found the Scottish National Party and was Rector of Glasgow University, 1931-1934.

In 1934 Mackenzie built a house called Suidheachan at Northbay on Barra, and it was when he was living on Barra that he wrote his most well-known works - The monarch of the glen (1941), Whisky galore (1947), and Rockets galore (1957). He received an OBE in 1919 and was knighted in 1952. Sir Compton Mackenzie died in Edinburgh on 30 November 1972, and is buried at Eoligarry, Barra.

Compton MacKenzie himself even had a cameo role in the film, Whisky Galore! He plays the Captain of the S.S. Cabinet Minister.