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  • “Whisky Galore!”, by Compton MacKenzie, 1947, continually reprinted
  • “Polly”, by Roger Hutchinson, 1998 “Scotch on the Rocks”, by Arthur Swinson, 1963; reprinted 2005. Arthur’s daughter is also an author, and to find out more about her work go to
  • “A drop in the ocean”, BBC documentary 1982 “Whisky Galore”, New Zealand. Michael Fraser Milne owns and runs a successful whisky shop in Christchurch, New Zealand and is a good friend of mine. Have a look at his website or pop in to see him at the shop.
  • *** Look out for Dram Fest Christchurch *** 23rd and 24th February 2007
  • Film locations for Whisky Galore and other productions